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Stabilizer ESTC

ESTC is propitious to bleaching processes for cellulose fibre or its cospinning fabrics. It is a stabilizer to suitable for width machine; package dyeing machine; CPB machine; rope fabric dyeing machine; jig dyeing machine and fast H2O2, Bleaching process. It can availably control H2O2 decomposition in the condition of alkali. And it can effective to keep the decomposition of H2O2; STC also can remove the nature coloring matter and other impurity in the mild condition. Moreover, it can avoid the fabric damage if H2O2 decomposes too fast. STC is a low dosage for use, no silicon spot creation, easy to removing, after bleach the fabric has a good handle, high whiteness, and it can avoid effected of colored spot on fabric.

Pre-treatment Products for each fabric & yarn as
Stabilizer of Hydrogen Peroxide
Trade Name: FORAS1N ESTC


  • Excellent effect for water-softening, Make the fabrics good handle and high whiteness
  • Stability in acid which Ph range 3; Stability in hard water; Stability in alkali which 10 Be'
  • It is suitable for each kinds process of H2O2 Bleaching
  • STC can get a sequestration with Ca2+, Fe3+ and other impurities. Hereby it prevents H2O2 useless decomposition too fast.
  • Excellent compatibility with anion/non surface active agent; reductive; oxidant
  • Chelate metal impurity and control the resolvability of H2O2
  • Compatibly for hydrogen peroxide bleaching Bath methodology of each fabric, it is reduce the damage of fabric and bring down the dosage of water-softener agent.
  • Low foam behaviour.


  Composition Organic ploy-phosphate built
  Appearance Colorless / light yellow lucidity liquid
  lonicity Anion
  PH range <2.0
  Solubility Miscible with cold water in any ratio


   1. Dipping method - scouring of yarn (fabric)
  Refining Agent EAL 0.4~1g/l
  Caustic soda 2~4g/l
  H2O2 (27.5%) 4~8g/l
  STC 0.3~0.8g/l
  Bath ratio 1:  7-12
  Temperature 95-98oC
  Time 45-60min

    2. Jig Dyeing
  Refining Agent TEP40 2~4g/l
  Caustic soda 10~30g/l
  H2O2 (27.5%) 6~12g/l
  ESTC 2~4g/l

  Fabric must destarch before scouring & bleaching process, it can avoid sizing material deposition. If used in 3 in 1 process (Destarch, scouring and bleaching for one bath). The Sequester & Dispersant CG300 should add in bath about 1-3g/l, and heating from 40-50oC to 95-98oC. Souring & bleaching 60-120min. shower washing 4 times. Then neutralize solution and washing again by cold water.

    3. Continuous pad dyeing (3 in 1)
  Refining Agent ETEP40 0.4~1g/l
  NaOH 2~4g/l
  Sequester & Dispersant ECG300 4~8g/l
  H2O2 (100%) 0.3~0.8g/l
  ESTC 1:  7-12
  Grey (cloth) → rolling scouring liquid (pick up 90%) → steam(98-102oC , 45-60min) → washing

    4. CPB Process
  Refining Agent ETEP40 6-10g/l
  NaOH 40-60g/l
  Sequester & Dispersant ECG300 2-4g/l
  H2O2 (100%) 8-15g/l
  ESTC 5-10g/l
  Grey (cloth) → rolling scouring liquid (pick up 90%) → Pile up (16-24h) → washing by warm water


120kgs/Drum as Non-hazardous material


180 days