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Hydrophilic E468

Hydrophilic Silicone E468 is special to improve of softener. It is often used as softening finishes for fabrics, synthetic fibre, cellulose fibre, proteid fibre. It can make the fabrics moor soft, smoothness, and handle feels fluffy. Good hydrophilic. also the yellowing is fewness.

Finishing Products for cellulosic fibre knitting fabric and yarn as Hydrophilic Silicone E468
Trade name: FORASIN E468


  • It can product in overflow tank at normal temperature, no silicon patch, no need to peel silicon oil when back-dyeing, padding process, don't stick equipment.
  • It can let soft, full, silk-like hand feeling for fabric, make cotton, T/R, suede nap, polyamide have nice flexibility, less affection for dye/wet fastness crocking. Its excellent flexibility effect can improve stretch and recovery of cotton knitting fabric, and less broken-twisting degree of cotton yarn.;durability, it can resist ten times hydrophilic softner of house-washing for fabric.(quaternary ammonium salt so ftener agent can' t resist washing)
  • Excellent compatibility, can be used with pigment, color fixing agent and white birghtenre agent together final treatment prcess of cotton/flax. can used in traditional permanent under one bath with non-ironing resin and organic fluorin remover.
  • Close to self-emulsification, keep emulstion's stability under high-shear and wider PH value(PH:3-12)
  • Extremely yellow discoloration especial for white. light color fabric.


  Appearance: light white translucent liquor
  lonicity: Non/Cation
  Ph Value(1%solution): 4.0-6.0
  Dye content: 13.0-15.0
  Compatibility: soluted in water easily


It applys for every kinds of cotton knitting fabric, T/R, polyamide, suede nap
1. Dipping method
E468:1.5-2.5% o.w.f.
Diping for 20-30 mins at normal temperature, then take off water, drying or finalize the design.

2. Padding
E468: 10-25g/l
One dipping one padding(or borth two for each other) → drying or finalize the design. if take some special process, please adjust relatively for trying firstly.




8-12 Months. Protect the product from moisture.