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Apalub Conc. (Anti-Creasing Lubricant)

Apalub conc. can be used to reduce friction coefficient of fibre in the process of dyeing and finishing, inhibiting the agglutination between the cloths, increasing the smoothing, and then preventing the possibility of creasing.

This product can produce power between molecules, which can isolate the agglutination between fibre forcibly, increasing smoothing, reducing friction coefficient, preventing the possibility of creasing. Meanwhile it can make the cloth be soft.

Using this product has no effect on the rate of dyeing of fabric, with no color phase changed, can be cleaned from fabric.

It can be used at PH of 7.5-9.5.. It can be used in the process of pre-management, dyeing and refined bleach during initial bath


Composition : aqueous preparation of fatty acid esters
Appearance : translucent thick white liquid
Ionic nature: non-ionic
Ph range : 7.5-9.5
Solubility: 100% soluble in warm water
Viscosity: 1200 cps min


  • Excellent crease inhibitor in bleaching and jet dying, air-flow, winches and paddle dying machines.
  • It is especially suitable for nylon and its blends with elastic fibres(Lycra)
  • It is equally stable in alkali, salt, hard water, reducing or in oxidising medium.
  • It reduces fibre-fibre and fibre-metal friction to avoid dying speak, raising, roping-creasing in dye bath.
  • No influence on color fastness and has not yellowing effect.
  • It is environmental friendly and APEO free.


25/30/50 kilo nett carboys and 200 kilo net barrels


180 days under normal conditions