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Adhesives (UF Resin 001)

UF - Resin

APARES 001 - Urea Formaldehyde Powdered Resin

APARES 001 adhesive is a neat urea formaldehyde resin in powder form suitable for the woodworking and furniture industry. It only requires admixing with water, extender (wheat flour) and catalyst prior to use. In the cured state, l 001 is a cross-linked, insoluble infusible material.


l 001 is designed specifically for the export market, where the shipping and handling of a liquid resin is a major problem. Being a neat resin, l 001 provide the ultimate in flexibility through variations in mix formulation and preparation. The extender storage life of the resin makes it ideal for use where the amount consumed is small or erratic or the storage of a liquid resin is impractical.

I 001 is specifically formulated for high grade furniture assembly, edge-gluing, dowelling, finger jointing and other simitar operations where wood bonding is necessary. When used correctly, it has an excellent pre-pressing characteristic with a resulting bond that is highly water resistant, mould-proof, stain-free and even stronger then the wood itself. Optimum bond quality could comply with the following international plywood standards.

British Standard : BS 1455, 1972 - Moisture Resistant Grade (Knife Test)
: BS 6566, part 8, 1985 - Moisture Resistant (Shear Test)
Japanese Agricultural Standard : JAS Type II United
United States Commercial Standard : CS - 35, Type II

I 001 also lend itself to use in plywood manufacture, tt could also be successfully adapted for the manufacturer of particleboard and overlaying of decorative paper / veneer on particleboard / plywood.

I 001 Specification

Product appearance as supplied : Milky White powder
Particle size, dry : 100 mesh, no lumps
Gel time @ 32 Celsius (mins) : 25 - 40 mins
(100g resin + 50g water + 0.5g NH4C1) :  
Volatile matter : 1.5%(Approx)
Storage life @ 32 Celsius : Approx. 10 months
Bulk density : 0.45 - 0.55 kg/cm3