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Adhesives (UF Resin 002)

UF - Resin

APARES 002 - Maxlmite (Pre-catalvzed Urea Formaldehyde Powdered Resin)

APARES 002 adhesive is a filled, pre-catalyzed urea formaldehyde resin in powder form. It only needs to be reconstituted with water prior to use. In the cured state, APARES 002 is a crossed-linked, insoluble, infusible material.


APARES 002 is specially formulated for laminating, dowelling, veneering and other similar wood bonding operations where the resin is required to sure at room temperature. The resulting bond gives a strong and highly water-resistant glue line which optimum bond quality could comply with the following international standard.

British Standard : BS 1455,1972 - Moisture Resistant Grade (Knife Test)
: BS 6566, part 8,1985 - Moisture Resistant (Shear Test)
Japanese Agricultural Standard : JAS Type II
United States Commercial Standard : CS - 35, Type II

By virtue of the ease of glue mix preparation, APARES 002 is ideal where inexperienced personal are responsible for mixing the glue or where mixing equipment is limited. Us availability as an already compounded adhesive reduces the number of items required in the adhesive materials inventory.

APARES 002 Specification

Appearance : Light Brownish Powder
Viscosity @ 32 Celsius : 3,000 - 5,000 cps
Gel Time : 60 (+/-) 15 mins
Storage life : Approx. 6 months

Note: Viscosity and gel time values are obtained from the recommended glue mix.