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Thickener EPTE

EPTE is an excellent and efficient thickener, and it does not need add the ammonia in application, clear cut and bright for resin-bonded pigment printing.

Printing Products for Woven cotton fabric as Thickener EPTE


  Composition: Acrylate polymer dispersion
  lonicity: Anion
  Solid content: 60+1%
  PH range: 6-7(1% solution)
  Stability: in a dry, shady, ventilated warehouse within 5-40oC
  Viscosity: over 90000cm/Pa (1.5% white latex)
  Appearance Creamy white to off-white

Product Characteristics

  • EPTE applies to the thickening of pigment printing pastes for cotton fabrics, chemical fiber fabrics and blend fabrics.
  • EPTE applies to various printing processes, such as flat screens, round screens, rollers and table printing
  • EPTE has excellent electrolyte resistance and hydrophilicity, can be used in various adhesives.
  • EPTE can be added to color paste mixtures for thickening or mixed with water into stock paste (not for pigmenting paste, adhesive and other components) easy to use.
  • EPTE the paste without draff, and will not block up meshes in use
  • EPTE the paste have the excellent properties in flowing and continuity

Quality Warranty

  Safe to use More satisfactory dry/wet fastness
  Easy to use Superb handle
  Clearer better dyeing effect can be added directly to color paste
  High definition stamps Thickening color paste instantly
  High color definition  

Recommended Dosage

  • As required for the adhesive, pigmenting color, other additives used and the printing viscosity
  • The dose per kilogram of color paste is usually 10-20(PH within 8-9)


  • Do not store the product in any soft steel, copper, aluminum container or one with iron rust.
  • Keep the product away from water before use.
  • Mix up before use.


150kgs/drum as Non-hazardous material


180 days