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Color Fixing Agent EMRT

Color-fixing Agent EMRT is usually use for reactive dyes and direct dyes, from formaldehyde free, it suitable for anion dyestuffs dyeing, and can improve fabric soap-washing capability and friction fastness.

Dyeing Products for cotton fabric and yarn as Color Fixing Agent


  • formaldehyde free
  • It is good at washing and wetting fastness for fabric printing and dyeing with reactive dye, direct dye, azoic dye
  • Improve the friction fastness, the bearing seawater and sweat stain fastness for direct dye and reactive dye
  • The shade of fabric is few or no change, and the recurring is good. It is stability for the steam and the dry heat
  • Prevent the fabric from the dye migrating in the dryness process
  • Few or no influence on the light fastness, No influence for the handle


  Composition Polyamine surfactant
  Appearance Light yellow lucidity liquid
  Ionicity Cation
  Ph range 6.0-8.0
  Solubility Miscible with cold water in any ratio
  Compatibility Incompatibility with anion, used well with the cation and the non-ion
  Stability High stability for hard water and usual acid; alkali condition


The EMRT should be dilute with water before add the finishing solution. The EMRT is not compatible with some anion product, polymer or high-concentration eclectrolyte. These products should be used dyed fabric though the exhaustion of the dyeing machine. So, the fabric must be soaped or bleaching before the dipping and rolling dyeing.

1. Exhaustion
Reactive dye: 0.5~2%
Direct dye: 1~3%

Sufficient washing after dyeing, in the new bath solution, add the NRT, the PH range should be neutrality or delicacy. Moving when the temperature is 45-60oC There could be added the cation or non-ionic softener flakes, or add another independent dyeing bath.

2. Continues dyeing
a. Pad dyeing
Active dye: 10~20g/l
Reactive dye: 20~30g/l

b. Washing machine
active dye: 2~5g/l
reactive dye: 3~8g/l

3. Divest process
The EMRT is very hardly removed, and please deals with the changing the color or plus the color process if it necessarily to dyeing the yarn again. Solid removing agent DSG2~3g/l
Soda: 2~3g/l
100oC x 30min later, potch twice in the temperature at 40oC ~ 50oC.


  • reduce the ph range of fixing bath or increase the temperature of process, they are both can accelerate degree of dyeing.
  • If increase the ph range or low down temperature of process that cause the low degree of dyeing but this will bring a good levelling property.


120kgs/drum as Non-hazardous material


180 Days