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Alkali Substitute EDAS

EDAS is a new-style high-tech product of eco-friendly technology with chemicals. It usually used in cold water type's process of pretreatrnent of yarn and fabric. It has a good effect to replace SODAASH; leveling agent. Also it can reduce the stock of SODAASH Reduce the dyeing process time. Reduce the cost of dyeing process. Cause of it is a eco-friendly products, so it can reduce the pollution of dyeing. It special suitable for small vat dyeing, it can reduce the dyeing stain.

Pre-treatment Products for fabric and yarn as Multi-Pretreatments Agent/alkali substitute agent


  • EDAS is a high cone. Buffer organic alkali. Special for active dyestuff dyeing process. It can replace SODAASH, also include Leveling Agent.
  • EDAS can make a high anchorage value when it used for fabric. So it can make a perfect color fastness to rubbing; color yield and gorgeous shade (it should be control the Ph range in process). There is no effect with NaOH for vivid value; absorptivity; color degradation and any problem of reproducibility. It has no effect of color unstable and lot different when EDAS used with sodium phosphate.
  • EDAS can used for every types dyeing equipment, especial for cop dyeing & cheese dyeing process. It can make a dyeing solution to be liquid.
  • Easy to recirculate to make a leveling property. If the SODAASH in process will be easy to make the dyeing solution be bodiness to obstruct recirculate.
  • It makes a perfect recurrence value. Can cut down dosage more than 90%.
  • Can be used in every temperature level process for reactive dyestuff dyeing process.
  • Can add in dyeing bath one time. Reduce the time of dyeing process.
  • EDAS make the stable Ph range in dyeing process. It also has a better effect of retarding than SODAASH. That makes a good effect of leveling property.
  • EDAS has the effect which is easy to washing on time, no alkali stain or caking to remain.
  • EDAS is special for greenish-blue, grass green. Such as these dyestuffs which are easy make dye stain. EDAS can reduce the blemish for them.


Appearance White powder
Ph range 11.5±0.5
Solubility Dissolve in water directly


  • 7%-11% of soda ash dosage in process
  • Normal dosage: light color 0.8-1.5g/L; middle color 1.5-2.0g/L; dark color 2.0-3.5g/L
  • Anhydrous sodium sulfate dosage is same.


  • The shade of SODAASH in dyeing process is light blue
  • The shade of DAS in dyeing process is light yellow


120kgs/Drum as Non-hazardous material


180 days