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Desizing Agent EFLB

Desizing agent FLB could get idea and double effect of removing the foams which including starch and protect fiber totally with amylase. Regarding enzyme process could ensure the safety of fiber in desizing process; we recommend FLB used in removing the natural or modified starch.

Desizing Products for knitting and woven cotton as Biologic Desizing
Agent Trade Name: FORASIN EFLB


  • AppearanceLight yellow liquid
  • PH Range6~7
  • SolubilityEasy to dissolve in water


  • FLB is mainly used in desizing starch and modified starch in textile industry
  • Especially for woven/knitting fabrics and towers, beddings desizing process
  • The damage of fabrics is micro after desizing process, excellent hand feeling, fluffy and polish


1.  Woven Fabrics
  A. Convolving Dyeing D. Cold Pile
  1. Gray Fabrics: 75~80oC in Hot Water 1. Gray Fabrics
  2. Room temperature (55~65oC) water with EFLB: 1~3g/l, 2. Exhaust Rolling with FLB: 3~-5g/l, Penetrating Agent XP: 1~2g/l
  3. Adjust PH as 6~7 Under 55~65oC 2~4 Times 3. Keep Condition in 6-12h
  4. Washing Under 95~100oC 4. Wash in Hot Water
      5. Wash in Cold Water
  B. Pile Steaming    
  1. Gray Fabrics - Washing in Hot Water 75~80oC C. Exhaust Rolling Steaming
  2. Exhaust Rolling with FLB:  2~3g/l; Penetrating Agent XP: 1~2g/1 1. Gray Fabrics
  3. In Heating Box 20 Minutes (45~55)oC 2. Exhaust Washing Under 75~ 80oC
  4. Steaming under 100~120oC, 5 Minutes 3. Exhaust Rolling (Including FLB 1~4g/l; Penetrating Agent XP: 1~2g/l)
  5. Washing with Hot water — Washing with Cold Water 4. Steaming under 95~100oC, 20~30 Minutes
      5. Washing in Hot water
      6. Washing in Cold Water

2. Jeans Fabrics
  1. Gray Jeans    
  2. Wash in hot water 75~80oC    
  3. Exhaust Rolling Under 55~65oC with FLB (Dosage 3~7g/l)    
  4. Wash in Hot Water    
  5. Heating


120kgs/Drum as Non-hazardous material


120 days, protect the product removed from moisture. Keep the storage condition cool