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Refning Agent TEP

This product is a kind of alkali proof, high efficient and multi functional refining agent which has many characteristics such as dispersion, spot removing, oil removing, emulsification, etc. It is not only extensively using in pure cotton, T/C or other textiles' receding, boiling, whitening, but also using in cold rolling, soda oxygen's receding, boiling, one-stage method, whitening and other new processes. It is also a new type of auxiliary such as high efficiency, short flow path, less power, high quality etc.

Pre-treatment Products for Woven cotton fabric as
Wetting Agent
Refining Agent
It has different solid content/high content in series can be choose


  • High wetting in the alkali conditions, it has a perfect effect of emulsification.
  • No offensive odor, high dispersing effect for granular contamination.
  • Easy to removing the oil and wax from the fabric.
  • Easy for Biodegradation, No effluent problem, easy to removing in washing.
  • High solid contact for your selection
  • If no any special specify. The following recipe is only for cotton. Any change depend on customer used condition


  Composition Some kinds of anion surfactants and non-ion surfactants compound
  Appearance Light yellow translucent liquid
  lonicity Anion / non-ion
  Ph range 8-9
  Solubility Miscible with cold water in any ratio
  Stability Alkali resistant (130g/l NaOH), Acid proof, hard water and electrolyte proof.


    1. Destarch
  TEP 1-2g/l
  Sequestrant & Dispersant ECG300 1-2g/l
  Destarch Agent 1-2g/l
  NaOH (100%) 20-40 g/l
  Recipe:Burn → Padding (pick up 90%) → Steam (30-60 min) → Washing

    2. Scouring
  TEP 5-10g/l
  Sequestrant & Dispersant ECG 3001 -3g/l
  NaOH(100%) 40-60g/l
  Recipe: Destarch → Padding (pick up 90%) → Steam (40-60 min/98-102oC) → Washing

    3. Bleaching
  TEP 2-4g/l
  Stabilizer ESTC 3-6g/l
  NaOH(100%) 2-4g/l
  H2O2(100%) 3-6g/I
  Recipe: Fabric after Scouring → Padding (pick up 90%) → Steam (40-60 min/98-102oC) → Washing

   4. Multi recipe include above 3 for 1 recipe (3 in 1)
  TEP 7-10g/l
  Stabilizer ESTC 3-6g/l
  NaOH(100%) 40-60g/l
  Sequestrant & Dispersant ECG300 2-4g/l
  H2O2(100%) 6-12g/l
  Recipe: Grey (cloth) → Padding (pick up 90%) → Steam (40-60 min/98-102oC) → Washing

  5. Cold - Pad - Batch (CPB)
  TEP 8-12g/l
  Stabilizer ESTC 3-6g/l
  NaOH(100%) 40-60g/l
  Sequestrant & Dispersant ECG300 2-4g/l
  H2O2(100%) 8-15g/l
  Recipe: Fabric (original) → Padding (pick up 90%) → pile up (16-24h) → Washing


120kgs/Drum as Non-hazardous material


180 days