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Multi Function Agent EPD8

EPD8 is a new-style high-tech product that is made by polybasic composite enzyme technology with chemicals. It usually used in one-bath process of pretreatment of cotton yarn and cotton knitting fabric. It has a good effect to remove slurry, pectin, natural salt, coloring matter, wax of cotton fabric. EPD8 can get through the inside of natural fibre and that been a few damage for cellulose. Withal it can keep the characteristic and advantage of natural fibre. (As lustre, mightiness, loose and others), EPD8 has a good buffering and that can keep the fibre consistency in the bucking. Reduce scouring loss. Make an excellent condition for after-treatment and dyeing. EPD8 can substitute for all of the sodium hydrate, penetrant, refining agent, H2O2 stabilizer, it make the process simplification. Advance the production efficiency. Reduce pollute.

Pre-treatment Products for fabric and yarn as Multi-Pretreatments Agent/Multi-function agent
Trade Name: FORASIN EPD8


  • EPD8 can substitute for all of the sodium hydrate, penetrant, refining agent, H2O2 stabilizer, it make the process simplification.
  • The residual ratio after affinage reduce more than 5%
  • The yarn fabric after process can appear excellent fluffing effect and high whiteness. (Usually the fluffing effect can be 9-17cm/30min). So it improves the quality of dyeing and cut down the dye.
  • It makes a good handle, good bulkiness. Can cut down softener dosage more than 10-20%.
  • Can be used in one - bath process.
  • Cut down costing.


Appearance: White granule (no fly ash)
pH range: 11.5±0.5 (1% water liquor)
Solubility: Dissolve in 40-50oC water


A. Yarn
EPD8 is use in pretreatment of one bath process for cotton, yarn package of hemp, bundle dyeing. It can improve effect of yellow spot, chromatic aberration on account of boiling not equality and penetrability. And that it can keep fibre mightiness no damage. Withal it can make a good handle, good bulkiness, bring the loftiness for yarn.
EPD8: 1.5-2g/L
H2O2 (30%): 5.0-7.0g/L
Bath Ratio: 1:5-10
Temperature: 95-100oC Time: 45-60min

B. Cotton knitting fibre
EPD8 can effective improve the knitting fibre. Reduce the effect of fibre weight loss, color spot, fold, and streak flaw. Make the fibre good handle, consistency wetting, overall improve quality of product.
EPD8: 1-2.5g/L
H2O2 (30%): 6.0-8.0g/L
Bath Ratio: 1:5-10
Temperature: 95-100oC Time:45-60min

C. linen and its cospinning fibre
EPD8 can accurate decompose commensal of fibre in hemp fibre. It can improve/ recondition the hard handle, effect of urticant, mightiness be damaged, hard dying and un-levelling dyeing. It can make the uniform effect of boiling and make the natural of hemp plenary appearance.
EPD8: 3-4g/L
H2O2(30%): 8.0-10.0g/L
Bath Ratio: 1:5-10
Temperature: 95-100oC Time: 45-60min

D: High-density fabric and high-count fabric
EPD8 can effective improve the bad handle, un-levelling dye for incompletable destarch and other reason. It can remove the chromatic aberration, and bring the fabric smooth behaviors.
EPD8: 2-3g/L
H2O2(30%): 8.0-10.0g/L
Bath Ratio: 1:8-15
Temperature: 100oC Time: 45-60min


25kgs/Bag as Non-hazardous material


180 days