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Anti-Crease Agent F580 (One Bath)

Anti-crease agent F580 (one bath) can be used to reduce friction coefficient of fiber in the process of dyeing and finishing, inhibiting the agglutination between the cloths, increasing the smoothing, and then preventing the possibility of creasing.

Pre-treatment; Dyeing; finishing Products for each fibre as Anti-crease agent
Trade name: Forasin F580


  • This product can produce power between molecules, which can isolate the agglutination between fiber forcibly, increasing smoothing, reducing friction coefficient, preventing the possibility of creasing. Meanwhile it can make the cloth be soft
  • It is superior in enduring hard water and salt. (It can endure inorganic salt for 100g/l)
  • It doesn't belong to derivations of liquids or linear chemical compositions. It doesn't be attached to or be absorbed in fibers. When entering the fiber, it will lead to agglutination with dye even precipitation
  • Using this product has no effect on the rate of dyeing of fabric, with no color phase changed, Can be clean from fabric.
  • It can be used at all temperature range .It is applicable in wide range of PH. It can be used in the process of pre-management, dyeing and refined bleach during initial bath
  • It is special anionic and nonionic surfactants that can be dissolved with other auxiliary agent well
  • Low- foaming, high biological decomposability. No effect on friction solidity of end products


Composition Special anionic and nonionic surfactants
Appearance Colorless transparent and sticky liquid
lonicity Anion / non-ion
Ph range 6.5-7.5
Solubility Miscible with cold water in any ratio


1. Dip dyeing (according to the process, machine, cloth or other factor):
Cellulose base fibre F-580 0.5-1.5g/l
Cellulose base fibre /spandex fibre F-580 1-2g/l
dacron,  cotton F-580 0.75-2.Og/l
dacron, cotton /spandex fibre F-580 1.2-2.5g/l
dacron, cotton / Cellulose base fibre F-580 0.75-2.Og/l

2. Using process
Add F-580 first; make the fibre washing for 5-10min in the anti-crease solution. Then pretreatment of the concrete cellulose base fibre, dyeing process. It could get the best anti-crease effect.

3. Attention
  • It must be put in different ways with the solvent agent when wash together
  • Test first when it is used for cotton dyeing agent
  • Use immediately when it is opened, and the packing-drum should be closed over.


120kgs/Drum as Non-hazardous material


180 days