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Apan Gum CMG - 30

Thickener For Textile Printing

Product Profile

ApanGum CMG - 30 a Carbomethylated derivative of Guar, is a thickening agent especially suitable for the textile industry extracted from the endosperm of the seed of the guar plant (Cyampopsis tetragonoloba) and modified. It is fine yellow coloured powder and additive specially suitable for continous / random dyeing of Carpets and for space printing yarns.

Analytical Report

  Appearance Light yellow coloured powder
  ionic nature Anionic
  Moisture content Maximum 12 %
  pH value 9.0 to 10.5
  Viscosity (9% paste after complete hydration,
measured by Brookfield Viscometer 20 RPM 25oC)
35000±2000 cps


ApanGum CMG - 30 is a universally applicable textile printing thickener suited for printing on polyester, polamide, polyacetate, acetate, tricetate as well as printing on wool and silk. This thickener is suitable for direct printing on PES, PA , PC, acetate and tricetate fibre fabrics.

ApanGum CMG - 30 can also be used for printing with reactive dyes (mono-functional) on cellulosic fabrics. Experience has shown that ApanGum CMG - 30 reacts with some reactive dyes and could lead to a harsh hand. This can be minimized considerably by blending ApanGum CMG - 30 with alginate, for example in the ratio of 70/30 or 50/50. it is therefore necessary to make preliminary trials. This thickener in combination with starch ether is also recommended for colour and white discharge printing with vat dyes on cellulose fabrics.

ApanGum CMG - 30 posses excellent running properties in flat-bed, rotary and roller screen printing. This product is proved suitable with a variety of dyestuffs normally used for synthetic fabric such as dispersed, acid and premetallised dyestuffs.

ApanGum CMG - 30 displays excellent stability in presence of auxiliary usually applied in printing on synthetic. This product is compatible with anionic and non-ionic products.


CMT - 8 is cold water soluble. The use of a high speed stirrer or of a dissolving station is necessary to prevent the formation of lumps. After a swelling time of at least one hour, the stock thickener is ready for use. A longer swellingtime of up to 12 hours will improve the flow properties and homogeneity.
Dissolving in warm water or boiling iseasily possible and provides aneven better homogeneity of the stock paste.

Colour Yield

CMT - 8 provides very good transfer of dyestuff to the fibre by conventional super heated steam fixation process.


Due to its special modification, can be washed off easily even after a previous superheated steam fixation. Perfect removal of the thickener is achieved resulting in a soft handle of the printed fabric and brilliant shades.


CMT - 8 contains preservatives. The viscosity of the printing pastes and stock thickeners shows good stability over a long period.


Good storage stability when kept in the unopened packaging in a cool and dry place.